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postheadericon About the project

The strategic goal of the project is to facilitate scientific research into innovative methods and tools for practical application of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm in the development of modern IT solutions. The project aims to promote the competitiveness of Polish businesses, enhance the national e-Economy and assist in further development of the information society.

This goal will be realized through the following activities:

  • development of technologies and tools to assist in composition of modern, dynamic and trustworthy IT solutions compliant with the SOA paradigm;
  • enriching individual phases of the SOA software development with access to semantical information;
  • devising methods for execution and management of SOA applications, taking into accound the aspects of autonomy and adaptability;
  • development of an implementation methodology for reconfigurable, efficient services with the use of FPGA hardware, and integrating these services with SOA applications;
  • verification of the innovative software development technologies via selected pilot applications;
  • dissemination and outreach activities in the scope of SOA, based on organizing and participating in scientific conferences and events.

The implementation of the project will result in applying the presented technologies and tools in the following areas:

  • interactive medical teleconsultation tools,
  • medical information systems,
  • electronic market for complex business services,
  • environmental monitoring and security systems,
  • telecommunications and construction projects.

Representatives of the project will also take an active part in the work of international consortia and standarization committees in the area of modern SOA software architectures for network-based corporate systems.

Created: Monday, 05 January 2009 09:13
Last Updated: Saturday, 27 September 2014 20:32