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postheadericon OB4-2

The specification of service interfaces and tasks to be realized in the system

The scientific goal of this research task is the construction of ontologies and appropriate description language (on the basis of the syntax to be developed in OB4-1) for the domain of electronic markets of complex business services.

The concept of business service proposed in the research area OB4 enforced service description in three different ways using three languages: WSDL, OWL-S, and Entish. Also the notion of client task must be interpreted in three ways. The task cannot be expressed in WSDL in a declarative manner; it must be hardcoded in BPEL. However, it can be done in OWL-S, and in Entish. As the result, three grounding  (semantics) for these three languages must be provided. For WSDL, the grounding corresponds to XSD schemas of XML documents processed by services. For OWL-S, the XSD schema correspond to ontologies, whereas for Entish, the XSD schemas form representation of service environment that is described by Entish. Hence, the XSD schemas play here the crucial role, because it is the basis for the three semantics of all three description languages mentioned above. The concept of service description jointly by three languages is consistent, because it is based on the same XSD schemas common for all these languages, even though the ServiceModel is required in OWL-S.

There are several proposals for standardization of the document formats and document flow in business processes, like EDI, ebXML, e-document, and e-invoicing. The XSD schemas of documents used in the business process created within the framework of research area OB4, will be adjusted to the current standards.

The XSD schemas are the basis for defining three interfaces in the three languages, as well as to specify tasks. Appropriate programming tools will be created for supporting interface definitions by service providers, and tasks specifications by clients.

Created: Friday, 28 May 2010 12:06
Last Updated: Sunday, 28 September 2014 15:27